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First Hand Transplant

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Emily Fennell lost her hand in a tragic accident. But thanks to the doctors at UCLA, she now has a new hand. She underwent the first hand transplant procedure in the West. Science is fantastic. As expected, her mom is more emotional than her.   Read more:


After Learning That His Daughter Had Autism, He Made An Odd Discovery About Himself

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Just after their daughter was born, Jessica and Chris Offer realized that she wasn’t “neurotypical,” which means that their unique little girl has some quirks. They do everything they can to make her happy and comfortable, but caring for her is way less overwhelming now that they know she has autism. While the little one’s […]


Storybook App Helps Kids Overcome Needle Phobia

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No one likes a trip to the doctor. Triple that dread if you’re a child-turned-banshee once a needle comes into the picture. There’s an app for that, and just in time for flu season. Healthline Networks launched a “Big Shots Get Shots” campaign to help children overcome their needle fear, or trypanophobia. Along with a […]