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First Hand Transplant

Emily Fennell lost her hand in a tragic accident. But thanks to the doctors at UCLA, she now has a new hand. She underwent the first hand transplant procedure in the West. Science is fantastic. As expected, her mom is more emotional than her.   Read more:


More Smartphone Users Turning to Mobile for Health Info

Quick, look at your smartphone and count how many of your apps are health-related. A new survey on Mobile Health from the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds 19% of smartphone users have at least one health app downloaded onto their device. Perhaps you use a fitness app like MyFitnessPal or a calorie counter […]


Storybook App Helps Kids Overcome Needle Phobia

No one likes a trip to the doctor. Triple that dread if you’re a child-turned-banshee once a needle comes into the picture. There’s an app for that, and just in time for flu season. Healthline Networks launched a “Big Shots Get Shots” campaign to help children overcome their needle fear, or trypanophobia. Along with a […]