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Devon Still raising spirits of cancer patients and survivors [pics]

,!/UKAlli13/status/519651293443284992 Twitchy has been reporting on Devon Still of the Cincinnati Bengals and his daughter’s fight against cancer. Patriots pay tribute to Bengals’ Devon Still and daughter fighting cancer [pics, Vine] NFL: Bengals re-sign Devon Still to help pay for his daughter’s cancer treatment Still has taken advantage of his football notoriety in order to rally cancer […]


25 Hilarious Sports Moments Caught On Camera

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Anyone who has ever had a coach has been told at least once in their life to get their gameface on. Of course, in our minds our gameface makes us look mean and tough…a force to be reckoned with. The truth of the matter is, however, that with a perfectly timed photo your gameface can […]


Shark Teeth Corset by Sarah Garzoni (Picture Gallery)

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Artist Sarah Garzoni created this installation project called ‘Breaching’ – a life-sized 19th century corset made from wax, plaster, string and approximately a thousand shark teeth. Ouch! Source via io9 Read more: