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Motorcyclist’s Final Moments Caught On POV Camera And Turned Into Chilling PSA

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David Holmes was the victim of a gruesome motorcycle accident that ended his short 38 years of life. Now, Holmes’ family is using the shocking first-person footage from his helmet camera as a way to bring awareness to motorcycle and vehicle safety. They are willing to relive the terrible events of his 2013 death in […]


8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe Over The Holidays

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Holidays are a joyous time of year for us, but the sparkly decorations, delicious-smelling food, and noisy guests can be a sensory overload for our furry friends. Luckily, we’ve found eight tips to help keep your pets safe, healthy, and happy during the Christmas season. Before I saw these tips, I had no idea how […]


This Cunning Invention Might Make Cycling A Lot Safer

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The Blaze Lazerlight projects the image of a bike 5-6 metres onto the road ahead. 1. The aim is for the light to alert vehicles of unseen cyclists and prevent drivers from turning across their path. View this image › Via 2. The makers cite research that shows 79% of cycle accidents occur when […]