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20+ Geeky Engagement Rings And Boxes No Geeky Girl Can Refuse

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These geek engagement rings are just the thing for the Nintendo generation that was born in the 80’s and is now starting to get hitched. From Super Mario to the Legend of Zelda, what better way to convince the geek of your life that they’re the player 2 for you? And if your partner in […]


16 Instagram Moments That Prove That Insanely Beautiful Supermodel Joan Smalls Is Just Like Us

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The Victoria’s Secret model is also ridiculously down to earth. Life is not fair. 1. She gets ready in the morning like everyone else. But looks f***ing gorgeous, even with a facial mask on. 2. She enjoys working from home. She BOSSY! 3. Sometimes she likes to be driven around town. 4. […]