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LG Fitness Wristband Tracker Touts OLED Touchscreen

LAS VEGAS — Adding to the long lineup of fitness wristband trackers on the market, LG announced on Monday at the 2014 International CES show a version of its own with a slightly different design approach: a touchscreen interface. Called the LG Lifeband Touch, the device tracks distance walked, speed, calories and other typical data […]


8 Rules For Making Sure You’re Not ‘The Clingy One’

Clingy, we’ve all been there. It’s in our nature. When you cant help but really like him, and he’s on your mind, and you know that you two would make an amazing couple. Here are the tell-tale signs of clinginess and how to avoid scaring him away. 1. Be genuinely busy Are you constantly texting […]


Meet the Guy Who Took a Census of Middle-Earth

Gathering census data is essential to understanding how a population connects to a particular geographical space. The U.S. requires thousands of agents to complete one census every 10 years. In 2012, however, one young Swedish man took it upon himself to complete a thorough census of the entire earth — well, Middle-earth. Thanks to Emil […]