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76 Things Adrian Chiles Looks Like, According To Twitter

Via With Your Face Like. 1. Sweary Mary @missprofanity Follow Adrian Chiles, with your face like a startled whoopee cushion. Reply Retweet Favorite View this image › Getty Images / Via Eamonn M. McCormack 2. Jamie @Simply_Smithy Follow Adrian Chiles with your face like a hilarious looking potato that’s been sent in to That’s Life. […]


The Definitive Ranking Of The Hottest Guy From Every World Cup Team

This is the one true World Cup competition. The following list was composed by an extensive team of exactly one Hot Guy Expert, Ph.D., who tirelessly poured through pages upon pages of shirtless pictures to select, upon meticulous consideration, the hottest athlete from every country participating in this blesséd World Cup. Each guy was then […]