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The 16 Best Mail-In Prizes From Your Childhood

1. The trend started with Kenner’s offers on Star Wars toys in the ’70s:

3. In the ’80s, “Pizza Points” could be found on the back of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys:

4. They were redeemable for prizes like this inexplicable life vest:

6. And these stuffed turtles that look like knock-offs:

8. Transformers proof of purchase points had the uninspired name of “Robot Points”:

9. Which bought you awesome figures like this:

10. And less awesome figures like Reflector here:

11. G.I. Joe toys had “Flag Points” on them:

12. Which could be used to buy exclusive promotional figures:

13. And this special edition of Cobra Commander:

And this special edition of Cobra Commander:

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14. It wasn’t just toys. Kool-Aid had one of the best point systems around:

15. With some of the best prizes around:

16. Like this inflatable Kool-Aid man:

17. And their own branded video game:

18. Everyone remembers thumbing through Pepsi Stuff catalogs every year:

20. Nothing cooler than a branded leather jacket:

21. Or these “shades”:

22. And of course, anyone who grew up with smokers will remember “Camel Cash”:

23. The prizes were always really strange, like this pyramid clock:

24. And this brass box and camel necklace:

25. Except for this silk jacket. That’s actually the coolest:

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