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The 21 Absolute Greatest Problems In Life

1. When this happens:

3. And this pain:

4. Or this constant dilema:

5. When you lose EVERYTHING:

6. When you ruin a graham cracker:

And Capri-Sun:

7. When you can’t get things started:

8. Or don’t want to get started:

9. When your car breaks:

10. When this tragedy happens:

When this tragedy happens:

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11. Or when you see the single worst thing on the internet:

12. When you can’t say that it’s hot without someone saying to should take off all our clothes even after a decade:

13. When you don’t know which light to use:

14. When you get stuck with uneven toast:

15. When you lose what matters most to you:

16. When this happens:

17. When you have to choose between eating chips and hearing the television:

18. Or when you lose your straw inside a bottle:

19. When everything keeps on getting smaller:

20. When you start way too early:

21. But, most of all, when THIS happens:

Then you just cry. Definitely cry.

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