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The 22 Best Reactions From Steve Harvey On “Family Feud”

1. The time a contestant thought “porcupine” was a word that started with “pork.”


2. The time he had to say the word “schlong” in front of an old woman.

3. The time a woman admitted to throwing poop at her husband.

4. The time a woman insisted that “potato” started with “pot” and it was on the board.


5. The time he caught a contestant staring at a woman’s chest.

6. The time he was forced to think about his grandma naked.


7. The time he realized that there were more “weedheads” out there than he thought.

8. The time a contestant answered with “penis.”


9. The time he started to lose faith in humanity.

10. The time that the producers made a contestant elaborate on an obvious euphemism.


11. The time that “baloney pony” was on the board.

12. The time a contestant’s response was “titties” and he was so proud of his answer.

13. The time that a contestant was a little to quick to answer with “masturbate.”

14. …and then his sister responded with the same answer moments later.


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