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The 23 Most Important Things That Happened At The VMAs

1. Taylor Swift wanted somebody to shut the fuck up:

2. Lady Gaga looked like bread cat:


3. Harry Styles became BFFs with Rihanna:



4. And also peeled an orange and ate it and then offered some to his friend:


5. Taylor Swift got close to Justin Timberlake:

Getty / Larry Busacca

(While Niall Horan and Ellie Goulding got close in the back.)

6. Lady Gaga showed off her butt:

7. Katy Perry showed off her grill:

8. Ariana Grande met Rihanna:

9. 2 Chainz and Grimes wore the same thing:

10. JT performed and Rihanna actually liked it:


11. Then NSYNC reunited for a glorious 110 seconds:



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13. Pharrell rode in with a bike gang:

14. Kanye was there…and performed.

15. Kanye was there…and performed.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

16. Lady Gaga left because she was pissed that people booed One Direction:


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17. Daft Punk got emotional:

18. Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert performed and won for “Same Love.”

19. And during that performance, Harry Styles nuzzled into Louis Tomlinson’s neck:

20. And finally, Miley did this:

21. Leaving everyone reacting like this:

22. This:


And then we all woke up after having the same dream:

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