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The 24 Greatest Things That Could Ever Possibly Happen To You

1. You could catch someone taking a selfie in a one-way mirror:

2. Your dad could wear short shorts in order to support you after your mom called your shorts “slutty”:

3. You could catch a break with the IRS:

4. You could use technology to force a lazy Walmart employee to go and find you a new XBox:

5. You could run into this woman at the airport:

6. You could teach your grandma how to use her camera phone, and receive pictures like this all the time:

7. You could have someone buy you a drink in honor of his beard:

8. You could be eating this guy’s lasagna:

9. You could fist-bump a chinchilla:

10. You could go to the doctor and find a guy on an acid reflux poster that looks exactly like you:

11. You could be Stephen with a PhD:

12. You could get photobombed by The Rock:

13. Or a giraffe:

Or a giraffe:

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14. You could be an AOL employee the day this person accidentally used your service:

15. You could break up with your girlfriend and get $50:

16. You could push the boundaries of “free dress day” at school:

17. You could have this dude clean your place after a fun night out drinking:

18. You could lose your ball in the woods and have a helpful deer bring it back:

19. Your 12-year-son could hand you $400 for no real reason and with no real explaination:

20. You could be the first one to figure out that this was an option:

21. You could wake up with a chicken leg under your pillow (only at Hyatt though):

22. You could catch someone waiting in line behind two mannequins:

23. Your dad and brother could show up to dinner wearing the exact same outfit:

24. You could get a free Gatorade from Aaron Paul:

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