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The 24 Most Awkward Experiences In A Teenage Girl’s Life

1. Broaching the topic of bras with your mom.

“Hi, mom, um, hi, these other girls at schools, they have these training bras, and maybe I could…too?”

2. And figuring out how to wear them — whether you like them or not.

If you were a tomboy, this was the worst. Otherwise, you just wanted to figure out how to wear one without it being so obvious.

3. Then figuring out how a tampon works.

So. Many. Moving. Parts.

4. Feeling self-conscious all the time for no apparent reason.

5. When the male members of your family find out you’ve started your period…and they congratulate you.

6. And on top of that, dealing with getting your period in public.


7. When you get a pimple, and try to cover it by caking on as much makeup as possible.

And then you look like this:

8. When your dad treats your girlfriends like bros.


9. Getting braces and being terrified of smiling because you have permanent jewelry on your teeth.

This is like a death sentence for getting your first kiss.

10. When your girlfriends know something about sex that you don’t…and feeling like a fucking idiot because of it.

11. Being terrified to leave your dad alone with anyone, really.

12. Trying to subtly bring a pad or tampon to the bathroom…and having it fall out in front of everyone.

By the way, if you need help with this very important issue, there’s an entire article on it!

13. Trying to understand the subtle art of flirting. And failing miserably.

14. Sex talks of any kind with your parents.

Even more fun is when you come home and find this book waiting for you on your bed! Thanks, Mom!

15. Getting caught stuffing your bra.

16. Falling when you’re trying to look cool…especially if your crush is there.

17. Getting caught in a web of lies about your fake boyfriend. You know, from camp.

18. When you tell your BFF who your crush is and then she totally tells your crush.

That was a SECRET. And you promised. We’re through.

19. Practicing French kissing on inanimate objects.

And feeling like even then, you’re not doing it right. Not even close.

20. When you’re secretly still into the stuff you used to like in elementary school, and you feel like there’s something wrong with you.

21. Having to go to the gynecologist for the first time.

And now a stranger is going to stick something in your vah-gine. 🙁

22. When a school dance rolls around, and everything goes wrong.

Dress is too short, your crush asked someone else, and no one is slow dancing with you.

23. When parents chaperone a dance and do stuff like this just to get a reaction out of you.

24. Saying this to your dad, and feeling really bad about it afterward.

Plus, deep down you know it’s not true.

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