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The 3 Types Of South Carolina 1st District Voters

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Elizabeth Colbert Busch, the Democratic candidate in the special election for Congress in South Carolina’s first district, greeted voters on Saturday morning . Voters here think she’s personable and friendly, but everyone’s mind was pretty much made up as to how they were going to vote on Tuesday. Colbert Busch is running against former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Here’s a look at three kinds of voters in South Carolina’s first.

2. The “Anyone But Mark Sanford” Voter

Brittney Butler: “I really don’t want Mark Sanford to win. We have a huge unemployment problem here and I just graduated from college. It’s a lesser of two evils, but I really can’t support anyone that wants to cut education. When you do that you are really putting us behind.”

3. The “Elizabeth Colbert Busch Is the BEST” Voter

The "Elizabeth Colbert Busch Is the BEST" Voter

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Sharon Bohn: “I’ve been a long time fan. We need her around here. This state is so needy in a lot of ways, but Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air. We need some one who is agreeable and everything isn’t ‘no, no, no.’ Sanford just says no to everything.

4. The “I’m a Republican so I’m voting Republican” voter

Mike Shaughnessy : “I’m Republican. The fact that [Mark Sanford] slept with somebody else doesn’t bother me — that’s his business. His life is his life. There are so many issues in this country, we need someone there that’s not going to just go along with the party and really try and change things. To me, she represents what’s already there now.

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