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The 30 Best Things Ever To Come From Canada

30. “Are You Afraid Of The Dark”

Literally the scariest television show of all time, produced and filmed in Canada for Nickelodeon.

29. Scott Pilgrim

Before Michael Cera, there was Bryan Lee O’Malley, the Canadian cartoonist who created Scott Pilgrim character and comic series. Sex Bob-omb!

28. Anne Of Green Gables

The fast-talking, big-hearted heroine was created by Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery in her amazing series of books begun in 1908. Later, the feisty red-head was also the subject of several television mini-series and films. Anne remains an inspiration to loud girls worldwide.

27. Elvis Stojko

’90s figure-skating icon Elvis Stojko won Olympic silver twice and had a really charming mullet.

26. Ellen Page

After her award-winning performance in “Juno,” the now 25-year-old Ellen Page flew to the top of Hollywood’s list by pulling off the magical trifecta of being talented, beautiful, and accesible.

25. Dan Aykroyd

“Blues Brothers,” “Ghostbusters,” AND “Coneheads”?!? The world would definitely suck without Dan Ackroyd.

24. “Generation X”

Canadian author Douglas Coupland popularized this term for the post Baby Boomer generation, often characterized by the introduction of the home computer, video game consoles, the war on drugs, the grunge era, MTV, and so-called “slackers.”

23. Linda Evangelista

The Canadian supermodel was particularly iconic during the ’90s supermodel boom, and has been featured on over 600 magazine covers. She was once famously quoted as saying that “we [supermodels] don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day”

22. Alex Trebek

This game show host is the coolest, funniest dude in my life for half an hour every weekday.
…Who is Alex Trebek?

21. Nickelback

I mean, someone has to bear the brunt of the internet’s hatred, right?

20. Ryan Reynolds

Although some people might still resent Reynolds for the whole “People’s Sexiest Man Alive isn’t even the sexiest Ryan alive” thing, not to mention divorcing Scarlett Johansson, he’s still, um, Canadian.

19. Anna Paquin

Paquin rose to prominence after winning an Oscar at age 11, for “The Piano.” Nowadays, as Sookie Stackhouse on HBO’s “True Blood,” she kicks ass and acts out everyone’s secret “loving a vampire” fantasies.

17. Corey Haim

R.I.P., lost boy.

16. Neil Young

Living, Canadian, proof positive that aging rockers don’t have to suck.

15. Nathan Fillion

Captain Malcolm Reynolds of “Firefly” lives forever in the hearts of nerds and geeks everywhere. Love you, Cap.

14. Joey Votto

The Cincinnati Reds baseball player has a beautiful swing and an endlessly fascinating intensity. He won the National League MVP award in 2010, and he is leading all batters in 2012 in “WAR” (wins above replacement), on base percentage, and is second in slugging percentage, and fourth in batting average. Whew!

13. Java Programming Language

Invented by Canadian James Gosling (no relation), Java is the pillar of the Android operating system and the internet and tech world wouldn’t be the same without it.

12. Drake


11. Michael J. Fox

From Marty McFly to “Family Ties” to becoming an inspiring spokesperson for Parkinson’s Disease, this Canadian has been in our hearts since the 1980s.

10. Steve Nash

The future NBA Hall-of-Famer and affable academic has twice won the NBA’s MVP award and is an eight-time All-Star. He is ranked as one of the top players in NBA league history for three-point shooting, free-throw shooting, and total assists.

9. Keanu Reeves

Don’t be sad, Keanu, you made the list!

8. Jim Carrey

Although Carrey has famously gotten a bit stranger over the years, his wild-man comedy was one of the best things about movies in the ’90s. From “The Mask” to “Ace Ventura,” Carrey knew how to bring out the ten year old boy in every member of the family.

7. William Shatner

The finest comedic timing of our time, not to mention being freaking Captain Kirk.

6. Carly Rae Jepsen

Wait, what was that? You’re tired of this song? I can’t heeeeeaaaaar yooooooou, got my jam turned up too loud.

5. Wayne Gretzky

Not-really-arguably the greatest ice hockey player ever, “The Great One” played 20 seasons in the NHL, and is the the leading point-scorer in NHL history, and is the only NHL player to total over 200 points in one season (something he did four times).

4. Justin Bieber

What would we do without you, Biebs? Who would we make fun of? Who would we secretly dance to? Who would wear their hat so awesomely?

3. Pamela Anderson

Happy Birthday, Pamela! The queen of beach boobs turns 45 TODAY!

2. Peanut Butter

Probably one of the most important food innovations of all time. First patented by Canadian Marcellus Gilmore Edson in 1884.

1. Ryan Gosling

No explanation needed.

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