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The Coolest Thing About These Photos? They’re Actually NOT Photoshopped.

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Your first reaction when you see these photos from Chinese photographer Li Wei, will be to think they’ve been Photoshopped or altered in some way. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. What’s happening in each shot, actually happened in real life.

Wei uses a series of visual tricks involving mirrors and wires to make the viewer believe that the people in his photos are actually flying through the air. It’s pretty darned convincing. Just look at these pictures!  

He takes the whole “smoke and mirrors” thing quite literally.

But the outcome is brilliant.

Nowadays, most shots like this are achieved through digital manipulation.

But, oh no. Not for Li Wei.


Check out this interview Wei gave about his work. 

(Via: Beautiful Decay)

That seems like a fun photo shoot to be a model for. Artists like Li Wei aren’t letting technological advancements kill their creativity. Sure, you can do just about anything in Photoshop… but, if you’re creative enough, you can do just about anything anyway. Don’t forget to share these gravity defying photos with your friends on Facebook by clicking below.

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