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The Internet Explodes As LeBron James Announces Return To Cleveland

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The king is back.

1. On Friday, LeBron James announced he’d be returning to play with his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers and NBA fans are borderline hysterical.

2. While his fans were just as excited.

Desus @desusnice


4. Some were skeptical.

Mike Lowry @AintYouSkinny

LeBron Fans Be Like

6. And concerned.

♎️ P O L O ♎️ @Polo_Fresh1

Y'all are too quick man #KingJames #Lebron

darth™ @darth


10. It’s a sad day for Miami Heat fans.

Elite Daily @EliteDaily

Lebron's final comments to Dwyane Wade…

Terez Owens @TerezOwens

#Heat fans next season like

Snoop Dogg @SnoopDogg

Die Hard !!

….. @itweetsssss

Lebron and his fans #Teamcavs

Desus @desusnice

“He knows my HBOGo password. This is gonna be awkward” RT @jose3030:

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