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The Longest Tree Top Walk in the World

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Located in the Bavarian Forest National Park in Neuschonau, Germany is the world’s longest tree top walk. This fabulous nature trail culminates with an amazing 44 meter (144 ft) tree tower. Below you will find information on this unique experience and everything is has to offer.

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Starting from the parking area next to the wildlife enclosure, the world’s longest tree top walk starts at the entrance tower. With its elevator it gives easy access for all kind of visitors including those with wheelchairs and baby carriages. The walk is intended for any nature lovers who are feeling adventurous.

The wooden construction is integrated into the forest and delivers a natural experience. Along the path you will find various ‘points of information’ regarding the mountain forest as well as some adventure points. You will also discover a unique forest and it’s different forms of life from a different point of view.

The path, 1,300 meters long (0.8 miles), winds up to an impressive tree tower with a height of 44 meters (144 ft). There you will discover an extraordinary and almost ‘borderless’ view. Towards the Lusen and Rachel mountains you will find the untouched wilderness and the sea of trees in the Bavarian and the bohemian forest. Towards Neuschönau it will be the vast cultural landscape and, on a clear and sunny day, even the silhouette of the alps.

27 pole constructions of massive trees are the basis of the risk-free adventure. A wooden fence and transparent net take care of safety requirements and allow the tree top walk to assimilate itself harmonically into the forest. For the young and the young at hearts with an addiction to adventure, three stations with wooden bridges, rope bridges and other challenges are spread along the tree top walk.

Crossing clearances and areas of dead wood the tree top walk leads you up to the crowns of the trees where insects and birds find their preferred habitats. As mentioned before, the walk ends at the gigantic tree tower.

The Tree Tower, with its 44m (144 ft) of height, is the highlight of the tree top walk. Unique, not only because of its architectural form, but also due to how the tower is built around and above 3 giant and old 38 meter fir trees (125 ft). More than 500 meters (1,640 ft) long, the ramp winds its way up, providing wonderful looks into life and development of the 3 giant firs.

From the tree trunk to its crown you will find a huge variety of life. Mosses, insects, small animals and birds can be watched from a completely different point of view. Even here the walk is built for wheelchairs and baby carriages, rising nowhere greater than a 6% incline and providing a smooth ascent.

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