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The Most Popular Word In Words With Friends Is Totally Obnoxious

1. In honor of the game’s five-year anniversary, Words With Friends released statistics on its most commonly-played words.

“Qi,” that elusive two-letter Q word that even more elusively does not require a U, placed first with over 1 billion plays. To put that in context, over 58 billion words have been played total in “Words With Friends.”

Other popular words include the far more reasonable “it” (568 million plays over the past five years), “he” (554 million), and “re” (547 million). “Jo” puts in a strong showing with 484 million plays and “za” has 471 million, whatever those mean.

2. But back to “qi:” It’s hella controversial.

I’m against the death penalty in all* circumstances.

*except people who use “Qi” in Words with Friends

3. “Qi” divides families.

“Qi? What the hell is she doing. Qi isn’t even a word.”
– my mom playing words with friends with my gramma

Mom just yelled at bobby for using the word qi on words with friends because it annoys her.

5. It turns friends into enemies.

Words With Friends needs to be renamed Words With People I Was Friends With Until I Swore At Them For Playing ‘Qi’.

Ever wonder which of your friends would lose all sense of morality in a war situation? It’s the ones who play ‘Qi’ in Words With Friends.

7. It has the power to turn your day into a glorious beacon of triumph and possibility or plunge you into a chasm of despair.

Today was off to a good start & then someone dropped a “QI” triple word score on me in Words With Friends & now damn this day all to hell.

I’ve won @WordsWFriends using the “word” qi so many times. Still refuse to look it up

9. So what ~does~ “qi” mean?

According to (which a new version of Words With Friends will integrate with in order to provide in-game definitions [and thus cut down on potential screaming matches]), it’s “‘physical life force, 1850, from Chinese qi ‘air, breath.’” Gotcha.

10. Alternate definition:

qi: [1] circulating life force whose properties form the basis of much chinese philosophy. [2] easiest way to play Q in words with friends.

11. New Words With Friends also features a “Community Match” component that operates a whole lot like Tinder.

Words With Friends

You swipe to match or decline someone and that is how you will definitely absolutely totally meet your soulmate.

12. Unless, of course, they eff it all up.

might end a relationship over his repeated use of “QI” in words with friends

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