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There Is A Real-Life Justice League Protecting The Streets Of San Diego (Photos)

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DC Comics’ “Justice League” movie won’t be released for a few years, but that’s no matter. A real-life Justice League is patrolling the streets of San Diego.

The group is comprised of men who dress up like superheroes and do their best to keep the community safe.

They carry around radios, first-aid kits and self-defense weapons and help those in need or break up bouts of violence. Some of the members of the league are heroes named Midnight Highwayman, Freedom Fighter, Vortex and Fallen Boy.

They actually refer to themselves as the Xtreme Justice League, and they originally formed back in 2006 by a man who goes by Mr. Xtreme. Mr. Xtreme said,

I do this to make a difference. We have about 20 members that are committed to stopping crime and violence, making a difference, raising awareness and spreading good will in the community.

It might seem that, legally speaking, there’s not all that much these masked vigilantes can do. But, they actually provide a valuable service to the people of San Diego. Vortex said,

If there’s a situation and the cops are not present we could always do a citizens’ arrest or defuse the situation. We are the eyes and ears of the streets.

They might seem like a bunch of costumed nerds, but these guys are keeping San Diego safe. Here’s what they look like:

The Xtreme Justice League stands patrol:


Crime will not stand on the streets of San Diego:


A few heroes on their way to clean up the streets:


Grimm checks his phone:


Mr. Xtreme in full gear:


The Xtreme Justice League standing guard:


Fallen Boy:


Freedom Fighter:


Midnight Highwayman:


The league checks on a man sitting on the streets:


The members of the league do their best to keep the streets clean:


Fallen Boy’s suit:


Grimm stalks the night:


The league approaches a woman at night:


Silverlining received a fat lip while breaking up a fight on the streets:


H/T: IB Times, Photos Courtesy: Mike Blake/Reuters

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