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There’s A Internet Hoax Going On Right Now To Convince Everyone That Miley Cyrus Contracted HIV

2. The idea behind it is to trick the Internet into thinking that Miley Cyrus contracted HIV.

3. The Cure For Miley Facebook page includes fake tweets from Liam Hemsworth and a “Miley fan” to spread around.

5. A document that appears to be set-up by a user involved with the hoax says the hoax is believable based on all the changes in the singer’s life recently.

>>Our Goal:
Convince the masses that Miley Cyrus contracted AIDS.
>>Why, and how we think it will be believable.

1. Miley’s relationship with Liam Hemsworth ended for reasons not speculated. We can make a story that he left her after he told him of her condition.

2. It can be used to explain her irrational sexuality on stage and in her music videos, she doesnt have much time to live, she wants to get the most out of life, and feels she is doing so through her dancing.

3. Miley changed from a loveable character and singer, to a seducive sex loving drug user, We can say this was caused by a depression that followed her finding out of this condition.

>>How we do it.
We start making pictures that say “Cure For Miley” and make it seem as tho alot of people are pooling in money to help her get treated.
We tweet about the hastag #CureForMiley
We create a facebook page named /CureforMiley
Use whatever resources you have available.
Let’s get this going.

6. There are screenshots of fake CNN headlines.

7. And a fake CNN article.

8. There’s a fake screenshot of a TMZ video.

9. And a bunch of #CureForMiley fan art.

15. They’re also attempting to vote #CureforMiley comments to the top of her YouTube videos.

22. 4chan’s last Internet prank centered around the group voting for a “fat creep” named Charles in various radio contests across the country so he could meet Taylor Swift.

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