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These 29 Advertisements Are Almost Too Clever For Their Own Good.

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Advertisers get a bad rap sometimes, but their job is not an easy one. When an ad flops, it flops hard. However when an advertiser nails it, the results are amazing. Those are the ads that leave you with no choice but buy/donate because it’s so darned clever.

These 29 ads are amazing examples of advertisers who hit a home run in the cleverness category. Seriously. Go hide your wallet now because you might want to make a bunch of crazy purchases by the end of this list.

Watch out for #11, it’s brilliant.

1.) That’s one thirsty window.

2.) Hmm makes sense.

3.) That’s some powerful toothpaste.

4.) I’ll take two please.

5.) I think it’s a little bit more than just the hat.

6.) What a powerful beard.

7.) That’s a good way to think about it.

8.) Time is running out.

9.) Depressing, but true.

10.) Save the planet.

11.) This is great!

12.) Super teeth.

13.) Oh man this would freak me out in real life.

14.) Itchy people.

15.) Faster than a speeding bullet.

16.) Ewww.

17.) Powerful enough for NYC.

18.) Lego in real life.

19.) As strong as a building.

20.) Counting down the days.

21.) This one is almost too realistic.

22.) A harsh, but necessary truth.

23.) I could totally do that.

24.) If only the bench was made of chocolate.

25.) Heavy metal fork.

26.) They have to update this for iOS 7.

27.) Really drive home the point. Pun completely intended.

28.) Product placement for sure.

29.) Brilliant is the only appropriate description.

Via: Full Punch

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