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They Put A Life Jacket On To Teach Him How To Swim, But He Just Wanted To Float

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Some dogs love to swim. After all, we’ve even named the doggy paddle after them.

Then there are pups that need a little more encouragement to feel comfortable in the water. For our furry friends that need some practice, using canine life jackets is a great way to make sure they stay safe while they figure it all out.

Not every dog is cut out for swimming, though. When one husky at a dog hotel in Thailand tried it out, he found that he was more about that rest-and-relaxation life.

At first, he really tried to get that dog paddle down…without a whole lot of luck.

But once he learned that he could rely on his life jacket, he decided that floating was simply the better option. I don’t blame him one bit.

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His owner says he’s lazy, but I think he’s a genius! I guess in the future he’ll have to stick to shallow water.

Or he could employ this pup’s smart move.

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