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This Aunt Found The Most Adorable Way To Adopt Her Nephew. OMG I Can’t Get Over It.


Photographer Katie T. Parker recently welcomed a new member to her extended family and documented the whole happy occasion with her camera. The series, called “Blended,” highlights the happiness, exhaustion and love that were all part of the emotional process her family experienced in adopting her precious nephew, Sam. And this little dude was clearly born to be in front of a camera: his face is so expressive and SO ADORABLE. You’ll want to reach through your screen to give him a smooch!

Just look at this happy lil guy!

HIs family was so excited to greet him.

I just wanna squish his cheeks!

What an adorable moment to capture.

Too cute even when he’s pouting!

What a beautiful family.

(via: My Modern Met.) This kid is cuter than a basket of puppies. And kitties. And more babies. Seriously, so darn cute! Share the love with your friends with the link below!

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