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This Cheap Device May Save Your Life

Remember, safety first!

1. The SpareOne Emergency Phone


I know it isn’t normally sexy to be cautious and safe. But, sometimes it is better to be alive than dangerous and dead. Well… most of the time.

So right now, what happens if you get stuck in the desert and your cell phone’s battery juice has been sucked up from all of your Instagraming or gaming (Clash of Clans anyone??) Yeah, not good.

The idea behind the SpareOne emergency phone is that you buy this phone and put it in your glove box or trunk or backpack or whatever. You get the point. Then, when your car breaks down in the middle of no where you’ve got a working cell.

The really cool part is that with 2 double A batteries, the phone will stay alive for 15 years (crazy!) and it works in really cold and really hot weather (-22F to 140F) yay!

The phone costs $59.95 and may save your life!

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