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This Dad Built His Daughter The Coolest Volkswagen Bus Bed You’ve Ever Seen

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Best. Dad. Ever.

1. Feast your eyes upon the greatest bed ever built:

DIYDad / Via

2. And this cool girl right here? She’s the proud owner.

DIYDad / Via

3. Reddit user inexplorata knew a bed would be the perfect birthday gift for his daughter, who was very quickly outgrowing her crib. When he came across free VW Beetle parts on Craigslist, he knew exactly what kind of bed he would be making.

DIYDad via


Not wanting to build the bed from the ground up, inexplorata had the brilliant idea to instead build it around a bunk bed, which he was able to find for cheap on Craigslist.

4. Over the next four months, the bed came to life.

DIYDad via


5. And only with occasional assistance.


DIYDad / Via

The bus has working headlights, as well as a dashboard with buttons and a horn that make driving sound effects.

DIYDad / Via

Though not pictured here, the bus’s colorful interior also comes with a kid-size hammock!

8. Inexplorata presented the final product to his daughter and friends at her third birthday party. Today she’s almost 6 years old, and you bet she’s still sleeping in it!

DIYDad / Via

9. For more photos and details about inexplorata’s process see here. And for an even more in-depth explanation, check out his blog.

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