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This Guy Just Won Valentine’s Day With Mass Romantic Gesture

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It took Hayden Godfrey – a 17-year-old student from Utah – over a year to save up for Valentine’s Day.

He worked three jobs – first as a cook at McDonalds, then as a pot wash at a Mexican restaurant, before packing bags at a local grocery store – to save up the $450 he needed.

And this wasn’t just to make sure his girlfriend had an extravagant day. No. Hayden used the money to buy a flower for every girl at his school. Writing on Facebook, he explained:

“So I did a thing today.

Today I passed out 900 carnations, one to every girl at SVHS and it was totally worth it. I don’t think anything can compare to seeing every girl in your life holding a flower as they walk through the halls.”

Hayden bought the carnations online, three weeks in advance, and his school principal helped him coordinate hisincredible gesture, allowing Hayden and his friends to interrupt the last classes of the day to hand out the flowers. As he told ABC News:

‘I think that hes an amazing kid.Im speechless at his actions.”

And Hayden’s girlfriend of six months – Lilyan – was equally full of praise:

“I, myself, spent a lot of Valentines Days not receiving anything. I know how it feels.”

What a guy..

Image Credits: Facebook

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