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This Guy Somehow Pays $10-Per-Month For A New York City Apartment

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Jud Parker is either a crook or a genius.

The man rents a two-bedroom duplex in Manhattan’s West Village for just $10 per month and the building’s new owner is suing him.

The 1,400-square-foot apartment on Minetta Street, which could allegedly rent for as much as $6,000 each month, belongs to Parker for the next 50 years, with the option of a 10-year-long renewal.

Parker finagled the deal from his now-deceased elderly landlord, Wilfred Schuman.

The building’s new owner, Pari Dulac, alleges Parker manipulated a senior citizen suffering from dementia for his real estate gold, forging his signature on the lease. She paid $2.75 million for the building, which she purchased last week.

Parker, on the other hand, describes their relationship as a makeshift father-son bond. He reportedly knew Schuman his entire life, dating back to his childhood neighborhood in Florida.

However, tenants claim Schuman rarely emerged from his apartment and was often drunk until his death. He’d been treated for both alcoholism and dementia.

One-time resident David Burnett reports that Parker and his girlfriend were often seen around Schuman’s apartment in 2009, the date of their new lease. Since then, he’s only seen Parker in the building once.

The man has allegedly been subletting his apartment at a steep markup, charging $2,500 per month after Schuman died.

In 2010, he asked his apartment’s sublessee about Schuman, unaware the building’s previous owner had even died.

Dulac’s lawsuit was officially filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday.


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