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This Kid Got A Picture Of His Favorite Basketball Player Shaved Into His Hair

San Antonio Spurs Role-Player, Matt Bonner!

Harry How / Getty Images

Patrick Gonzalez is a student at Woodlake Hills Middle School who just frickin’ loves Matt Bonner. He loves him so much that he decided to have a photo of him “aiming for a 3-pointer” shaved into his hair. No big deal though, right? After all, the only one that is being hurt by this is Future-Patrick Gonzalez, who will eventually have to explain this embarrassing photo to a person he’s dating and decides to bring home to meet his parents (if you don’t think they’re already excited about that day, then you have far nicer parents than I do).

But school officials at Woodlake Hills have a different opinion. They feel the haircut is a “distraction” and needs to be shaved immediately or Gonzalez will face an in-school suspension. Gonzalez’s mother claims that she went to the school to ask for permission, but a obnoxiously patronizing representative from the school said that his mother mentioned the haircut but no permission was given.

So the school acknowledges she came to check about the haircut, but says they didn’t give permission? How does that work? “Hey folks, I just wanted to check about my son’s plans to get a photo of the basketball ginger, Matt Bonner, shaved into his head. Is that cool?” Isn’t any response to that inquiry that isn’t “Yeah, that’s not going to be allowed,” tacit permission? In fact, how could anyone respond to that in a way that made it unclear how they felt about the idea?

Gonzalez plans to shave the design out of his hair, despite his mother’s initial and awesome explanation. “We’re in the playoffs.”

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