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This Pop Star Has An Amazingly Awesome Prosthetic Limb (Photos)

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You’ve never seen prosthetics like this before.

Through her work as a model, pop star and performance artist, amputee Viktoria Modesta is proving the limb replacement pieces can be seriously badass.

After having her leg amputated below the knee when she was 20 years old, Modesta began working with the Alternative Limb Project to design and create the coolest prosthetics you’ll ever see.

And if that sounds weird, trust us: These look more like sculptural art pieces than anything else.

Modesta hopes that by showing off her designs, she can inspire and empower fellow amputees — and change the way society perceives disabilities.

Modesta explained,

Disability and sexuality or high achievements don’t often go together — not when it comes to stuff outside of sports or fetish.

I don’t think that’s right.

The Jill-of-all-trades shows off her seriously badass prosthetics in her new music video, “Born Risky,” which premiered last night during the “X Factor” finale.

The video, directed by Saam Farahmand, paints Modesta as a heroic character inspired by the singer’s own “life, style, visions and dreams.”

She hopes the video will serve as an entryway through which other disabled artists can enter the pop culture realm.

She said,

[Disability] shouldn’t be a shock or a rarity [in pop culture]. It should be just as acceptable to see a disabled person on TV as other minority groups or race or sexual orientation.

As far as we’re concerned, Modesta is absolutely killing it: The video is sexy as hell, and she’s about as badass as they come.

Check out the video and some pics (below) to see exactly why we’re so enamored by this kickass artist.

Her confidence is killer.

Have you ever seen a model look this cool?

I mean… seriously.

Prosthetic legs never looked so good.

Ewelina StechnijEwelina Stechnij

Ewelina Stechnij

 Modesta is an inspiration.

Check out her music video below:

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