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This Snoring Guy Sounds A Lot Like A Goat Having Sex With A Duck (Video)

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I’m aware that people who snore don’t have much control over the problem, but just because I’m able to understand their issues doesn’t mean I’m going to be sympathetic to the earth-shattering inhales that have cost me days worth of sleep over the course of my life.

Based on my long-standing hatred for snorers, I never thought I’d see a video of someone trying to suck all the air out of a room that didn’t immediately make me collapse in a ball on the floor with flashbacks to living in a dorm.

This guy is the exception to the rule, but it’s only because his snoring sounds like a goat having sex with a duck. (I spent a long time figuring out that analogy, and I think I picked the best possible option.)

If the video doesn’t entertain you, hopefully that visual will.

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