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This Woman Had 4 Of The Worst Months Of Her Life And I Can't Stop Laughing About It

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In a short four months comedian Tig Notaro got pneumonia, contracted a deadly bacterial infection, broke up with her girlfriend, lost her mom, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. A few days after her cancer diagnosis, she got on stage at Largo and delivered one of the bravest, most honest, and funniest stand-up sets you’ll ever hear. Seriously. 

Below is a two-minute preview of the full 30-minute set. To listen to the rest of it (and you so should) click the links below the video to visit Louis CK’s website where he is hosting it exclusively for download. 

“It’s weird because with humor the equation is tragedy + time = comedy. I am just at tragedy right now. That’s just where I am in the equation. It’s fine.” — Tig Notaro, “LIVE” 

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