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Thoughts You Have When Going To Get Your School Schedule

There is so much anxiety filling up my body that I’m not going to have any room left for learning this year. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1408641359); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3424333”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1408641359); });

1. Disclaimer.

I am a decently funny person, so you can expect some humorous sarcasm here and there in this post. But in all seriousness, this is just so I can get some of this off my mind.

1. Where am I supposed to go?2. Am I on the wrong side of the school?3. How am I supposed to navigate my way out of here?4. There are so many people, the least they could do is make pickup time longer.5. Oh, I found the line.“Hey -insert name here-, is this the front of the line or the end of it?”“This is the beginning.”6. Well, how long could it be?~Looking down the hallway~7. How can a line take up the ENTIRE HALLWAY? It’s at least 200 feet long!8. I have to walk.9. Down there.10. Next to all of my peers from last year.11. I guess I’ll just go slowly. Maybe no one will notice.12. Oh shit. They’re all looking.13. Better just go fast.14. A lot of them changed…15. She lost weight.16. He gained weight.17. She got taller.18. They stayed the same.19. HoLy ShIt ShE hAs BoObS.20. Like full on, M cup boobs.21. Okay, exaggeration. But no way those are smaller than a C.22. And everybody is so dressed up.23. #StillNotWearingPants. And #ThisShirtIsSoThin #IHopeTheyCan’tSeeMyNips24. God, why are they all still staring??25. Stop it 26. Why won’t they stop27. How am I not at the end yet?28. Ugh finally.29. At least I’m with one of my friends.“How long have you been here?”“About 15 minutes. Nobody has even come out here to address us or anything.”30. Teachers are so incompetent. ~Another 10 minutes go by~“Alright, y’all (btw I live in Texas, but am from Michigan), all the seventh graders whose last names start with M-Z here, everyone else follow me.”31. Ugh. I’m about to get it. 32. I don’t want to know.33. It will only make me sad.34. But I REALLY need to know.35. I can’t organize for shit without my schedule.36. I need it.“**** ********, please?”37. Oh no.38. I have it.39. I’m scared to look.~looks anyway~40. Oh God.41. A42. Schedule43. Mix up.44. Those are always SO COMPLICATED TO DEAL WITH 45. I AM GOING TO DIE“Hey, what’s your schedule?”“Oh, it isn’t permanent. This class is a mistake and it only runs during first period, so they’ll have to change some things around.”46. But how quickly can I get this fixed??47. Girls in Athletics always look down on those who drop out.

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48. But I dropped out before it even started, so they’ll be understanding about it, right?49. Oh, who am I kidding?50. Myself.51. Well, I’ll probably have to deal with it for a few weeks.52. Wait, we have a C level??53. How many classes do I even have upstairs?54. I’m going to die.55. Not exaggerating.56. I’m gonna die.57. Wait, this classroom has like three doors!58. What if I enter throughout the one by her desk?59. While she’s coming outside?60. And I HIT her in the face?61. What if she gets a concussion?62. OmG I’m GoInG tO kIlL mY tEaChEr On ThE fIrSt DaY oF sChOoL63. Okay. I’ve had enough. 64. I’m going downstairs.65. When is she going to pick me up? 66. I’ve texted her like four times.67. I do not want to mingle.68. Rather, I want to die.69. I can email the guidance counselor, but it will still take a few weeks.70. I knew it.71. Seventh grade is the worst year of everybody’s young life.72. Why is mine any different?73. Que the awkward.74. Que the drama.75. Puberty.76. Pubertie.77. Puberdie.78. Pubordie.79. Pubrodie.80. Pubtodie.81. Puttodie.82. Punttodie83. Wunttodie84. Wanttodie85. Want to die.86. Puberty = Want to die.87. #ButI’llMissTheseYearsTheMostRight

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