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To The Man I Waited On Tonight

You need to learn how to treat people.

I’ve waited tables at the same restaurant for almost a year. This man comes into the restaurant roughly 30 minutes before closing, and it’s my turn in the rotation. I walk over to the table, and begin my highly repeated introduction. I do not even get to spit my name out when he interrupts me and asks “where’s the wine list?” Because I am paid to be polite, I pick the wine list up from the table and say “here you are sir.” The response I receive is FAR from a thank you, and instead is, “just let us look through the wine and we will be right with you.” “Great, another douche” is what I would have LOVED to say, but instead opt for, “I’ll bring you two waters.”

I return with the waters and ask if they are ready to order their wine. They do, the most expensive bottle we have on the menu. Next I ask, “Would y’all like to order an appetizer tonight?” They do, and say “by the time you return with the wine, we will be ready to order.” Great! The kitchen just started shutting down so let’s get that order put in! I perform table side wine service, take their order and all is smooth. That is, until the food comes out.

The woman (who was so polite), says the pita bread for the appetizer was a little doughy. She was right. The kitchen literally takes 7 minutes to prepare their food. I bring it out, and ask if there is anything else I can get for them. “No, we’re fine for now.” I remember they ordered salads! I rush to get those to my table. When I arrive they say, “We don’t want those anymore.” I respond with, “I understand, that’s my fault I apologize.”

Leaving the table the man says “You ruined our dinner by the way.” Stunned, I sarcastically say, “Really, I ruined your dinner, I’m sorry about that.” Never in my life have I been so rudely addressed. You sir, need to realize that instead of eating dinner with my family, I’m sitting around while you eat dinner with your wife. So who’s dinner was ruined. Wait, I don’t have a dinner to ruin because I’m working until 9:30.

The man complains to my manager (who is amazing, and sticks up for me!). He tells her, “the restaurant was pretty slow tonight so he probably needs the money.” Actually sir, I don’t. I do just fine on Friday and Saturday, so Thursday’s shift is just spending money. Oh, plus I have no bills to currently pay, I have no rent, no car payment or insurance, and my credit card is paid in full for the month. Tell me again why I would need money.

Finally, the douche leaves. I got a $2 tip off a $97 dollar tab ($102 before the salads were taken off). I wish he would have left me cash so I could walk out to the parking lot, hand it back and say “keep your damn money, I have enough of my own.”

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