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Top 20 reasons why people hate school!/LiveLoveJelena/status/187574856823484416

We’re confident that 90% of students would agree that school just simply sucks. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who truly loves school and if you do happen to find one of those nerds they’re likely getting bullied every single day.

In other words, this list is made for those nerd-hating bullies who simply hate school.

#IHateSchoolBecause it's taken up a good 13 years of my life.

— xtina (@cristinascavo) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause Driving to School With These Gas Prices is not Worth College Credits Yet

— Axtion Jackson (@Axtion_Jackson) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause it makes u lurn grahammar.

— matt chupp (@mattchupp) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause I have no friends. End of story

— ️️ (@iadoreyoustill) April 4, 2012

#ihateschoolbecause it's too early, people walk to freaking slow, girls act stupid for attention, but mainly because I hate everyone

— Morgan (@morgfarm) April 4, 2012!/tcapps18/status/187603504192430080

#IHateSchoolBecause Of Math Class

— Bat ₲Δ₦₲  (@princejw) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause they took away nap time 👎💤

— Brittany Schaffer (@brittttschaffer) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause it starts so early! #unnecessary

— patrick (@pattyboii) April 4, 2012

#ihateschoolbecause it has designated eating times. I like to eat when I want.

— Kkc. (@KristenTheGr8) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause Teachers Don't Really Care If You Succeed In Life Or Not They Just Want Their Paycheck

— ⛽️ DEE SAVAGE ⛽️ (@DoItForRyan) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause I can't hang out with my cat. #catladyproblems

— Cat Lady Problems (@catladyprobl3ms) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause the dress code is more important than our education

— Gabby Sulaka (@GabbySulaka) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause it reminds me the definition boring EVERY DAY. #teamfollowback

— Hannah Montanna (@goulding_hannah) April 4, 2012

#IHateSchoolBecause IM ANTISOCIAL and lazy as fuuhhhh.

— Bye (@4nn4suckz) April 4, 2012!/fazztastic/status/187600050975805440!/_asiatic_/status/187596654860451840

#IhateSchoolBecause of homeworks and my heavy schoolbag everyday.

— ☮ (@NoreenZailan) April 4, 2012!/suck_my_jimmy/status/187598086284132353

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