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Touching Engagement Video Shows Love’s All About The Random Moments

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Anyone who has ever been in love knows the feeling is completely indescribable.

When you fall in love, you just know; your life becomes completed, in a way, and it becomes impossible to imagine a time before that person. Everything is just… better.

That’s the theme of Michael Franti’s 2013 song “Life Is Better With You,” which he wrote for his then-girlfriend, jewelry designer Sara Agah.

The couple recently took a trip to Bali, where Franti was planning to propose.

He’d taken video clips of his girlfriend — and the pair — that he’d filmed on his iPhone over the course of their three-year relationship and compiled them all into an engagement video, set to “Life Is Better With You,” which he always dreamed would play at their wedding.

After serenading Agah with an acoustic version of the song over dinner, Franti showed her the video and popped the question.

To publicly announce the engagement (obviously she said “yes”), Franti shared the romantic video on his Facebook page.

It’s one of the most intimate things we’ve ever seen — you can almost see the couple fall in love with the progression of each new clip. Plus, the song is adorable in a kind of Jason Mraz-y way. We’ll be playing it on repeat long after we stop watching the video.

Grab the tissues and check this out — you’ll be glad you did.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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