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Travel Photos Instantly Get Better When You Add Dinosaurs To The Mix

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You know what’s the worst? Looking through people’s vacation photos. It’s totally great to document trips, but the resulting pictures are usually best left for our own consumption.

Unless you also happen to have a few dinosaur toys on hand, that is. The photo collection that this Redditor just posted has officially changed the vacation game. By adding dinos to the mix, they turned pictures that no one would want to see into images that the Internet can’t get enough of!

There’s nothing like gazing out across the water (especially when your neck is that long).

And who doesn’t love a nice hike?

It’s great to meet the natives wherever you go.

Photos with friends are the best, and that scenery doesn’t hurt either.

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Memories with the kids last a lifetime!

Reddit / GallowBoob

This will look perfect on Instagram.

Okay, some pictures should definitely be private.

The most important thing is that this filter is epic.

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Airport security is such a drag, isn’t it?

Leaving is always bittersweet, but that just means it’s time to plan a new adventure!

(via Reddit)

I think it’s safe to say that everyone would love seeing our vacation photos on Facebook if dinosaurs were involved. Where do you think they’ll go next?

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