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Twitter remembers middle school!/IamJackyBlack/status/197102315503759360

For some reason tonight Twitter is feeling nostalgic for the most awkward years in any person’s life. Middle school. Thus, #InMiddleSchool is trending.

Here are the best tweets remembering those formative years in all their angsty glory.

#inMiddleSchool When Everybody Forwarded Forward Messages, and Everybody Believed In Chain Letters

— ❤️ (@ItsMayonnaa) May 1, 2012

#InMiddleSchool if you showed up for gym class, and saw the rainbow colored parachute, it was a good day!

— Not Will Ferrell (@itsWillyFerrell) April 30, 2012!/Neeks0222/status/197112637170003968

#InMiddleSchool the mall never got boring

— Jack Long (@thebigjlong) May 1, 2012

#InMiddleSchool you're dying to get in high school

— MICHELANGELO (@It_Be_Korie) May 1, 2012

#InMiddleSchool holding hands means you are going out.

— Jenius (@PersianCeltic) April 30, 2012

#inmiddleschool drama was happening every minute of the day

— Gabba Gabba ✌️ (@gabbagabba_10) May 1, 2012

#InMiddleSchool you didn't ask girls out, your friends did it for you.

— Not Will Ferrell (@itsWillyFerrell) April 30, 2012

#InMiddleSchool I was halfway phoneless, twitterless and facebookless… It was all about that Myspace ishh.

— Cynthia ✨ (@MyLifeBeLiike) May 1, 2012

#InMiddleSchool Windows messenger or AOL chat was the facebook

— Michaela ⿲ (@LandOfRobsten) May 1, 2012

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