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Twitter scoffs at Salon smear campaign calling pro-life tweets ‘heinous’!/kankokage/status/351820775113768960

Earlier today, some conservatives and pro-lifers tweeted their objections to left-wingers’ attempt to allow abortions after 20 weeks in Texas. The liberal website Salon took great offense, characterizing the pro-life tweets as “heinous” and devoting an entire Twitchy-style article to them:!/Salon/status/351802730823688193

Let’s take a look at some of the pro-life tweets Salon considers “heinous”:!/DLoesch/status/351740893927178240

This doesn’t even come close to the the obscenities prominent conservative tweeters get from liberals on a daily basis.!/TXTrendyChick/status/351765330114256896

Unless you cheer for infanticide, according to Salon, you’re a terrible person.!/MelissaTweets/status/351741175977349120

Seems like Salon has a short fuse for conservatives who mostly state a lot of truth with a little bit of creativity! This was noted by many on Twitter:!/staugy/status/351811705438871552!/GreatFallsMomma/status/351805907799252992

Who needs a dictionary when you have fake agenda-driven outrage?

If Salon is really looking for truly heinous tweets, there are plenty of those to be found on the left side of the Twitter-sphere.!/Earnestpoodle/status/351836707697606656!/wiredpup/status/351069043161174018!/mylisawoods/status/351390533949730816!/REEDnSTUFF/status/350017971038601217

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