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Twitter Users Complain That Women Just Want Attention

The offending status updates fall into a few categories. There are those about appearance:

About relationships:

About feelings:

About women’s health:

About feminism:

This one is just meta:

Some of the above updates are legitimately annoying, but others are just sad. People posting about how they want to die probably do deserve some attention, of the psychiatric variety (especially because that kind of update can be an early sign of depression). Many supposed “attention-seeking” updates appear to inspire outsized resentment. One user identifies the problem:

Maybe Facebook has made everybody tired of others’ emotions — but it’s women’s feelings that, at least in this hashtag, seem to incite special ridicule. Some clues as to why:

Some people seem to feel that women — and especially pretty women — get more attention on Facebook than men, and maybe more attention than they deserve. Since men have traditionally dominated most other forms of media, maybe women’s success in social networking rankles a bit? It’s worth pointing out, though, that a lot of the tweets on the hashtag came from women. As one user pointed out,

Women have certainly been known to enforce codes of women’s behavior, and calling out supposed attention-seekers on Twitter and Facebook appears to be no different. But just because women are doing it doesn’t mean it’s awesome. In the words of Tamsin B-G:

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