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Twitter’s ‘Extreme Ways To Avoid People’ Will Inspire You

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It happens to all of us. Some days you feel like engaging with humanity, while other days seem like a horror show straight out of “The Walking Dead.” I’ve been there many a time. I’ve spent an entire day in sweats binging on “Real Housewives” (like, all the housewives) and I’m only mildly ashamed of it. Another time, a gorgeous manwith a French accentpolitely asked me what my name was and I said, “No.” Just no.

Twitter’s latest trending hashtag,#ExtremeWaysToAvoidPeople, may be the gateway for some of us to bring our inner introvert out of the closet. Anti-human apps like Seamless, Postmates and Cloaksuggestthere are many of us out there.

As for tweets, you could blow the rest of your afternoon scrolling through all of them. Good thing I’ve already done that for you.

Here’s a good one if you already happen to have face paint anda striped sweater.




Avoid people while working on your parkour.


This one could backfire hard depending on how many cat people you have in your life.



True Life: I Have Children.


Dairy-free and effective.



For those who are OK with getting sat on but strongly against small talk.


Ten steps ahead of you, friend.

What are your favorite ways to avoid dealing with people?

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