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US diplomat killed in Afghanistan identified; Friends mourn Anne Smedinghoff!/londonoe/status/320740561424375808

As Twitchy reported yesterday, six Americans were killed in two separate attacks in Afghanistan.

U.S. diplomat, 4 Americans slaughtered in Afghanistan…


Heartfelt sympathy to the family of the US diplomat killed in Afghanistan, those of her colleagues who lost their lives & all those injured

— William Hague (@WilliamJHague) April 7, 2013

The diplomat killed has been identified as Anne Smedinghoff, age 25. Her grieving parents have issued a statement to The Washington Post:

“We are consoled knowing that she was doing what she loved… serving her country,” Smedinghoff’s parents said.

— Ernesto Londoño (@londonoe) April 7, 2013

Smedinghoff’s parents, Tom and Mary Beth, said their daughter loved working at @statedept. “There was no better place for her,” they said.

— Ernesto Londoño (@londonoe) April 7, 2013

Smedinghoff started the posting in Kabul in July 2012, working as a press officer, after completing a consular tour in Caracas.

— Ernesto Londoño (@londonoe) April 7, 2013

I’m sharing the statement from fallen U.S. diplomat Anne Smedinghoff’s parents, Tom and Mary…

— Ernesto Londoño (@londonoe) April 7, 2013

This appears to be Ms. Smedinghoff’s Twitter feed.


Twitter users, including colleagues and friends, took to Twitter to mourn.

Mourning the loss of an FSO colleague. May angels bring you home. @annetsmed

— Angela Gemza (@AGemza) April 7, 2013

RIP @annetsmed@usembassykabul @usembarmenia#hero……

— Raffi Joe Wartanian (@raffijoemusic) April 7, 2013

Rip @annetsmed. Your efforts to make the world a better place will never be forgotten.You represented everything that is good in the world

— orthoprincess70 (@orthoprincess70) April 7, 2013

MT @pathieuabc7: Flags line the street where 25yo Anne Smedinghoff’s family lives. She was killed in Afghanistan.…

— Kathlyn Clore (@KLCYQ5) April 7, 2013

R.I.P. Anne Smedinghoff, another member of our Diplomatic Corps taken too soon.…

— Steve Wightman (@SteveWightman1) April 7, 2013

@statedept @usembassykabul our heartfelt condolence for the tragic death of fellow diplomate Anne smedinghoff she s n our thought n prayers.

— Amb.Nasir Andisha (@AndishaNasir) April 7, 2013

Worked with killed State Dept employee, Anne Smedinghoff, in Afghanistan. Smart, professional and just 25. Very sad and a terrible waste.

— Clarissa Ward (@clarissaward) April 7, 2013

Totally shocked after knowing Anne Smedinghoff were part of killed Americans in yesterday’s blast in Zabul, rest in peace Anne.

— Ajmir Imtiaz (@imtiazajmir) April 7, 2013

Devastated to learn @usembassykabulstaffer Anne Smedinghoff among those killed yesterday in Zabul.She was so cheerful, caring, bright.

— Muhammad Lila (@MuhammadLila) April 7, 2013

Very sad to hear that embassy media officer Anne Smedinghoff was among those killed in Zabul yesterday

— Emma Graham-Harrison (@_EmmaGH) April 7, 2013

Joining w colleagues @statedept to mourn the tragic loss of fellow Midwesterner Anne Smedinghoff killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan

— Julie Egan (@EganJulie) April 7, 2013

Very sad to hear US press officer Anne Smedinghoff killed in yday’s attacks. Ann was helpful + kind, going out of her way to assist. Tragic

— Maria Abi-Habib (@Abihabib) April 7, 2013

Anne Smedinghoff, 25, killed with 5 other Americans in Afghanistan. She was a year ahead of me at Hopkins.

— Daniel Marans (@danielmarans) April 7, 2013

Thoughts and prayers w/ @usembassykabul, and the family and friends of fallen @statedept FSO and colleague, Anne Smedinghoff.

— Adam Ereli (@aereli) April 7, 2013

Praying for the family of Anne Smedinghoff in her loss, and for a dear friend whose life was spared in the recent attack in Afghanistan.

— Bill Patterson (@DrBillPatterson) April 7, 2013

Heard a nice/cute story about Anne Smedinghoff from a friend in Kabul today.So incredibly sad.

— beckcl78 (@beckcl78) April 7, 2013

Deepest sympathies to the entire Smedinghoff family on the loss of Anne, a true #American #hero.

— Mary Ann Owens (@mao2u2) April 7, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of Ms. Smedinghoff. They also continue to be with all killed in the horrible attacks.

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