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‘We are the Harriet Tubmans of today’: Star Parker delivers passionate pro-life speech!/ProLifePaul/status/295210273046937600

Syndicated columnist Star Parker appeared at the Students for Life of America (SFLA) conference in Bethesda, Md., Saturday and delivered a rousing speech on “Standing in the Face of Adversity.” Parker admits in her autobiography that she had several abortions before finding God and becoming a powerful pro-life advocate. She’s come a long way, baby!

The speech was lauded as “amazing” and “an inspiration.”

@starparker is probably the best speaker I’ve ever heard. #SFLA2013

— Christen Houck (@ChristenEHouck) January 26, 2013

So nice to hear Star Parker again…. Such an inspiration! #sfla2013

— Laura Davis (@lutheranlaura) January 26, 2013

AMAZING speech by @starparker at #SFLA2013 just now! Watch the replay this afternoon at

— Kristan Hawkins (@KristanHawkins) January 26, 2013

Some Twitter users live-tweeted Parker’s SFLA speech to 2,000 student activists from around the country.

“I really do have a problem with women dismembering children in the womb.” Star Parker #SFLA2013

— Joseph Austin (@josephhaustin) January 26, 2013

“[Abortion]may be legal but it is not lawful in God’s eyes” – Star Parker @students4lifehq

— Missy Martinez (@melissa_tree) January 26, 2013

I just knew somewhere in my gut that women weren’t meant to kill their offspring. – Star Parker #SFLA2013

— Lauren Muzyka (@LaurenMuzyka) January 26, 2013

“Every time we help women at crisis pregnancies centers we are the Harriet Tubmenof today.” #starparker

— Students for Life(@Students4LifeHQ) January 26, 2013

80 years we endured slavery until they stood up. – Star Parker #SFLA2013

— Lauren Muzyka (@LaurenMuzyka) January 26, 2013

We’re going to look back as we did with slavery and say: how did we put up with this so long? – Star Parker #SFLA2013

— Lauren Muzyka (@LaurenMuzyka) January 26, 2013

“Marry and have a whole lotta children to out number the enemy” Star Parker #SFLAC2013

— Natalie Collins (@necollins520) January 26, 2013

I want to say I did everything I could to stop it. – Star Parker #SFLA2013

— Lauren Muzyka (@LaurenMuzyka) January 26, 2013

Videos of the conference speeches will be available on the SFLA website.

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