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What Happened To This 1.5 Pound Baby Is Beyond Words. This Is Why Hope Exists.

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Every child is a miracle, and that was certainly the case of Tcordolino‘s tiny miracle baby. Her son was born 4 months too early and amazingly survived even though he weighed just 1.5 pounds at birth.

What an extraordinary little guy, a real fighter.

This miracle baby was born 4 months too early, at 24 weeks and 2 days and weighed 1.5 lbs.

The father holds his son for the very first time, a week after he was born. His hand was the size of the father’s nail.

After 130 days at the NICU he was finally allowed to go home to his family, weighing 8 lbs 5 oz. This was the morning after he was brought home. His sister adores him.

Here he is in the New Year. I can’t help but admire him.

Miracles do happen. Hope he has a good, long and healthy life ahead of him!


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