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What Kind Of Pasta Are You?

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What’s your inner noodle?

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What Kind Of Pasta Are You?

  1. You got: Little hotdog spaghetti octopus things

    You’re fun and quirky, but a little flaky and weird. But that’s why people like you! Stay fresh!

  2. You got: A very large amount of spaghetti in a vase, with a glass of milk

    You’re mysterious and sexy, and nobody knows the real you. Everyone finds you enchanting. You might be a dracula.

  3. You got: Different kinds of pasta in a waffle cone

    You ride to the beat of your own drum. You’re a true trailblazer, even if people don’t really understand you.

  4. You got: Alphabet noodles spelling out “COOPER” on a block of colby jack cheese in tomato soup

    You’re a comfort to those around you. You make people smile and everyone wants to kiss you.

  5. You got: Spaghetti being fed to a tiny dog by a lonely woman

    You’re independent and driven, but sometimes it gets in the way of your social life. Let your hair down every now and then. And get that tiny dinsosaur-looking dog off the counter!

  6. You got: Tragic pasta spilled across rainy stone steps

    You’re clumsy, but you never let setbacks keep you down. That spilled pasta is still good! Eat up.


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