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What Kind Of Sloth Are You?

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Are you the philosophical sloth or a lil cutie in a bucket?

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Matt Stopera

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What Kind Of Sloth Are You?

  1. You got: You are the Giving Sloth.

    You always put others first and are very concerned with the well-being of your loved ones. Your compassion and empathy are unparalleled. Are you ACTUAL MAGIC?

  2. You got: The Crawling Sloth

    Literally NOTHING can get in the way of your dreams. You are driven and focused, something many of your peers admire (and maybe envy!). You keep crawlin’ with all your might!

  3. You got: The Eatin’ Carrots Sloth

    You are admired for always finding a way to enjoy the world. No matter the occasion, you can be found lovin’ life and that is inspiring.

  4. You got: The Sloth in a Bucket.

    You could care less what others think of you because you KNOW what makes you “weird” is what makes you special. Besides, life is too short to be consumed by what others think: you have better things to do.

  5. You got: The Drunk Sloth

    Sure, you can be a little loud sometimes but that’s what makes you fun. There are no awkward silences with you and you LOVE engaging in debates. Never fights, always debates.

  6. You got: The Cuddle Sloth.

    You are the best friend anyone could ask for, always there to cheer someone up or just hang and have fun. Everyone is better off when they have a friend like you.

  7. You got: The Magical Sloth.

    You are the life of the party because you make everyone around you feel special. Basically you exude a warmth and fun that is unparalleled. This quality will get you far in life because, as Maya Angelou said, “people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

  8. You got: The Studious Sloth.

    You are quiet but very smart. You choose your words wis

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