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What U.S. City Should You Actually Live In?

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What U.S. City Should You Actually Live In?

  1. You got: New York City

    You’re ambitious and creative and ready to take Manhattan by storm. Your work is your biggest source of pride, and you’ve got the perfect mix of street smarts and determination to succeed in the Big Apple. Now the only question is… Is New York ready for you?


  2. You got: San Francisco

    You’re the hardworking yet calm one in your circle of friends. The Bay Area’s blend of career opportunities and laissez-faire social rules will be the perfect place for you to nurture both your inner CEO and your peaceful spirit. Make sure to pack your laptop AND your yoga mat!


  3. You got: Los Angeles

    You’re the life of the party, and what is L.A. but one big party? Los Angeles will give you the social stimulation and sunny weather that you crave. Kiss your winter jacket good-bye and start looking up convertible prices: A sparkling career and miles of gorgeous beaches are in your future.


  4. You got: Chicago

    You’re a kind and tender soul, and you have old-fashioned values like family, friends, and the true meaning of humility. You should settle down in the Midwest, where you can enjoy snow, sports, and big yards. And deep-dish pizza, of course.


  5. You got: Austin

    You’re fun-loving and adventurous, and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. You’re just as happy out partying at a bar as you are sitting at home with some A+ takeout. (We recommend the tacos!)


  6. You got: Portland, Oregon

    You’re a total free spirit, and Oregon is calling your name. You’re as happy spending a day tooling around on your bike as you are cooking a delicious, organic dinner at home. Bring all your books and an open mind!


  7. You got: Boston

    You value your family above anything else, and you’re definitely more of a traditional kind of person. You’re just as happy watching sports at a dive bar as you are getting dressed up and hitting the town. You’re tough as nails, so pffft: A little cold weather isn’t going to scare you.


  8. You got: Washington, D.C.

    You’re a whip-smart career person who will probably be running the world someday. You transition expertly between the boardroom and the bar. Your thirst for success will get you far!


  9. You got: Miami

    You’re fun-loving and adventurous, and you never turn down the chance for a good time. Your career is important to you, but your dream day involves digging your toes in the sand. You’re the one in your friend group who always brings the party — but still makes it to work at 8 a.m. ready to go the next day.



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