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What Your Favorite Engagement Ring Says About You

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Which bling best fits?

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What Your Favorite Engagement Ring Says About You

  1. You got: You’re a non-conformist

    You flow upstream while everyone else is flowing downstream. You’ve never done what everybody else does, and you wouldn’t want to. Your tastes reflect an independent spirit. You have probably never been to a professional sports game.

  2. You got: You’ve got classic style

    You’ve got a very dog-eared copy of The Great Gatsby from reading it so many times. You sometimes think you should have been born in another era, like, maybe in Victorian times? But let’s be real: you’re not about to give up indoor plumbing, are you?

  3. You got: You’re mysterious

    You’ve got a dark side—not in a creepy way, exactly, but in that you definitely appreciate the macabre. You’re a romantic of sorts, but a non-typical one, who probably considers reading Edgar Allen Poe poems together whilst safely out of the sun’s harsh rays the perfect date.

  4. You got: You’ve got refined style

    You like things simple, easy, and elegant. You don’t make a big fuss about most things, and you like to keep your living space and your life as clutter-free as possible. You live by the Mary J. Blige mantra of “No More Drama” and your nightmare would be to wake up in the middle of a hoarder’s den. Nope. No piles of crap and cat corpses for you.

  5. You got: You’re extravagant

    Bigger is always better—when it comes to engagement rings, cookies, or cars. You live large, and your choice of rings reflects your passion for living as bold as possible.

  6. You got: You’re traditional

    You’re traditional in your tastes, when it comes to romance, dating, and engagement rings. You value spending quality time with your friends and family, and pretty, feminine things.

  7. You got: You’re a minimalist

    Your look and your life is sleek, modern, and super minimalist. You’re basically living in a weird Tron future world, soundtracked by Daft Punk, wearing cool light up space suits. May we join you?

  8. You got: You’re a crafty fox

    If it was still feasible to live in treehouses as an adult, you’d probably be doing that, right? You love nature, the outdoors, cute animals, knitting (probably) and all things kind of twee. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  9. You got: You’re a romantic

    You love reading the Brontes and wish that Mr. Darcy was actually a real person. You relate way too much to Bridget Jones. Like, way too much.

  10. You got: You’re a cool nerd

    You know your y-wings from your tie-fighters. You live for debating the merits of Star Wars over Star Trek (or vice versa). Your house is covered in comic books and Battlestar Galactica DVDs.

  11. You got: You’re food obsessed

    Did you even realize that you chose a pretzel ring? Covered in salt? Because you did! Food guides your every choice—even your engagement ring. We so relate.

  12. You got: You’re a wild child

    There’s simply no one else like you. Shine on, you crazy diamond!


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