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What’s In A Name? Apparently, A Lot To Do With Your Future Career

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If you name your baby John, Paul, George or Ringo, he might just grow up to sport a bowl cut and play pop music.

It’s a hypothetical example, but there’s interesting evidence connecting real names to career choices.

That’s according to baby-naming app Nametrix, which uses data to determine the potential ramifications of any moniker you choose for your newborn.

The team from Verdant Labs began seeing strange patterns in their work.

People with certain names appeared within the same career category many times. Of 2.5 million entries, almost 2 percent of accountants were named Arnold.

Odd, to say the least.

So, Nametrix compiled the information in a colorful infographic meant to show you what names appear most frequently within professions.

Of course, naming your child “Robert” doesn’t automatically predestine him for a life of snipping hair.

Often, names are a reflection of the wishes parents hope for their children.

A father who loves rock ‘n’ roll music will name his child Mick in honor of Rolling Stones superstar Mick Jagger, but he’s also likely to encourage his son to take guitar lessons and form a garage band.

When Mick becomes a musician, it’s not necessarily because of the name, but rather the parents who’ve passed on influencing values and interests.

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Here’s the full list of names most popular in each profession:

Accountant: Maribel, Charmaine, Kurtis, Mindy, Adele

Biologist: Stuart, Suzanne, Sara, Cheryl, Janet

Car Salesman: Clay, Travis, Pete, Allen, Bob

Drummer: Joey, Mickey, Billy, Chad, Tommy

Electrical Engineer: Harvey, Eugene, Bernard, Edwin, Charles

Farmer: Duane, Marlin, Delbert, Darin, Mavis

Firefighter: Brandon, Darren, Ryan, Jason, Jeremy

Fitness Instructor: Virginia, Rebecca, Julie, Pamela, Karen

Football Coach: Rich, Mike, Bill, Dan, Jim

Football Player: Reggie, Jermaine, Darnell, Quinton, Nate

Geologist: Henry, Frederick, William, Leonard, Hugh

Golfer: Bud, Willie, Tommy, Bobby, Johnny

Graphic Designer: Vanessa, Alison, Diana, Jan, Kurt

Guitarist: Mick, Richie, Trey, Sonny, Buddy

Hair Stylist: Lori, Raymond, Patricia, Susan, Robert

Historian: Herbert, Adrienne, Henry, Emma, Theodore

Insurance Salesman: Dalton, Garrett, Patty, Brent, Clark

Interior Designer: Elise, Marjorie, Martha, Lynne, Bonnie

Journalist: Alastair, Gideon, Hanna, Jonah, Louisa

Judge: Archibald, Lise, Josiah, Clement, Louise

Lawyer: Norton, William, Sanford, Cecily, Augustus

Librarian: Nanette, Margot, Abigail, Johanna, Eleanor

Mechanic: Dave, Patrick, Randy, Fred, Jerry

Meteorologist: Joe, Bill, Scott, Mike, Jeff

Photographer: Zoe, Bruno, Hugo, Annie, Noah

Poet: Celia, Hannah, Edgar, Edmund, Dorothy

Police Officer: Louis, Kevin, Wayne, Kim, Timothy

Rabbi: Chaim, Shlomo, Judah, Meir, Yosef

Race Car Driver: Robbie, Johnny, Bobby, Sebastian, Luigi

Rancher: Boyd, Leland, Leroy, Judy, Roy

Social Worker: Jeannette, Stella, Penelope, Constance, Marsha

Soldier: Zachary, Jacob, Jeremy, Kyle, Joshua

Songwriter: Richie, Mick, Sonny, Benny, Billy

Stuntman: Eddie, Erik, Alex, Ben, Terry

Surgeon: Sherwin, Harris, Barrett, Sanford, Holly

Venture Capitalist: Joanna, Guy, Shawn, Nicholas, Alexander

Veterinarian: Wayne, Sara, Peggy, Tracy, Gene

Waiter: Joshua, Sarah, Amy, Elizabeth, Lisa

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