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Which Al Roker Are You?

Which Al Roker Are You?

  1. You got:

    Al Roker Vs The Wind

    You’re Al Roker persevering against the oppressive wind. Life is always throwing 15mph gusts of wind your way, but you always make it through. You’re strong and stable, perfectly grounded because you always know who you are and that you’re going to make it through this broadcast.

  2. You got:

    Frozen Al Roker

    You’re Al Roker’s inexplicably frozen face staring into the camera. Your friends think of you as the “weird one,” and it’s true that your sensibilities are a little quirky. But your brain is is a magical wonderland full of gears turning, and you’re able to make complex and creative connections that most normals could only dream of.

  3. You got:

    Too old for Drake Al Roker

    You’re Al Roker Vine-ing your experience feeling old at a Drake concert. Sometimes you feel like the whole world has gone mad and you yearn for the days before emotional hip-hop and 6-second-video. But even though you may be “too old for this,” you actually love making people laugh and you’re less out of touch than you think you are.

  4. You got:

    Rokering Al Roker

    You’re Al Roker standing eerily by a lamp. You are a warm and generous-hearted person who likes to make other feel good. Your serious exterior belies a heart of gold.

  5. You got:

    Olympics Al Roker

    You are Al Roker at the Olympics trying rhythmic gymnastics. You love a good adventure and you always want life to stay exciting. You’re brave and open-minded, willing to try anything (and everything) at least once, and twice if you like it. After that second time, you’ll probably get bored and move onto the next sport.

  6. You got:

    Al Roker Lifted By Ryan Gosling

    You’re Al Roker being lifted by Ryan Gosling on the street in front of hundreds of screaming women. You are a hopeless romantic who still believes in fairy tales and that a Ryan Gosling is waiting somewhere to lift us all to the sky. Some people might describe you as naive, but in truth, your optimism and amazing attitude inspire everyone around you.


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