Which “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Character Are You?


The earth is doomed.

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Which “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Character Are You?

  1. You got: Xander Harris

    You’re the lovable class clown. You’re an intensely loyal friend, and behind all your off-beat, self-deprecating humor, you’re a sensitive soul who values the approval of your nearest and dearest. You have no problem jumping into a fight, but you’re also more than willing to lend your considerable smarts to researching whatever evil is overtaking Sunnydale this week.

    The WB / Via nevernightsrp.tumblr.com

  2. You got: Cordelia Chase

    You’re as passionate as you are sassy — and you’re the master of sass. People respect your no-nonsense attitude, your unwillingness to compromise your values, and your ability to stay cool in sticky situations. You’re a real firecracker on the outside, but inside you’re a big softie (though you’d never admit it) and a very loyal and considerate friend.

    The WB / Via aslayerinthetardis.tumblr.com

  3. You got: Faith Lehane

    You’re a fearless fighter. You’re a fierce ally and a dangerous adversary when it comes to battle, but off the field you’re a surprisingly sensitive person. You’ve seen some tough times, and you’re wary and hardened when it comes to letting people into your inner circle, but you’re secretly as caring and empathetic as you are powerful.

    The WB / Via darlingnickyta.tumblr.com

  4. You got: Drusilla

    You see things through a different lens than most people. You tend to see the bad in the world first, but only because you’ve been through a lot — like, a whole lot — in your day. You have the capacity to feel extreme love and affection, but most of the time you have your energies focused on loftier goals. Your charming and fragile personality draws people to you, but underneath that ethereal demeanor, you’re powerful, fearless, and often dangerous.

    The WB / Via thedoriandays.tumblr.com

  5. You got: Rupert Giles

    You’re the rock of your close group of friends. You perform well under pressure, stay cool in the face danger, and never turn away a friend in need. You have a wild streak, but overall you like the quieter life. You prefer one-on-one situations to large parties, but above all, you prefer the company of books. You’re highly intelligent but not pretentious, and a truly empathetic person. Your sense of humor is the driest of dry, and your house is extremely tidy.

    The WB / Via isriana.tumblr.com

  6. You got: Angel

    You’re sweet, sensitive, devoted, and depending on the stage of your lengthy life, totally insane. You have two very distinct sides to your personality, and it’s difficult to reconcile the two. You have a tendency to push people away to protect yourself (and them), but the few people who break through your aloof charm find a true friend and companion.

    The WB / Via rivvatos.tumblr.com

  7. You got: Buffy Summers

    You are the Chosen One. You kick serious ass, but you’ve also managed to find a balance between your more primal, badass nature, and maintaining a normal social life. You’re witty, your personality is magnetic, and even though you’re not the best in school, you’re highly intelligent. You’d do anything for your friends, and though you don’t really prefer to be in a position of power, you’re a natural leader.

    The WB / Via btvs-reaction-gifs.tumblr.com

  8. You got: Willow Rosenberg

    You are the queen of adorkable. You’re as dependable and loyal as you are intelligent — and you’re one smart cookie. You’d drop everything to help a friend in need, and your natural empathy makes it difficult for you to understand all the injustice in the world. Beneath all that innocence, you have some serious power, and even though you’re an excellent researcher, you’re just as adept a fighter.

    The WB / Via thatbuffyfan.tumblr.com

  9. You got: Spike

    On the outside, you’re a tough, intelligent, worldly fighter who’s seen it all. On the inside, you’re a witty and intelligent person who values romance and friendship — but if anyone found out, you’d kill them. You’re as cool as they come, and your fighting skills are legendary, but you’re at your best when you’re able to let all your defenses down. On the rare occasion when you let someone in, you protect and care for them unconditionally.

    The WB / Via goodbyepiccadilly.tumblr.com


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